Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Building a Toy Stockpile

While I am always on the look out for great toy deals, there are certain times of the year that are better than others.
These two times of year are January - April and July - September.
With the exception of the *HOT* toys of the year that we can't predict, Christmas is actually one of the WORSE times to buy toys. The two BEST times to buy toys are right after Christmas and at the end of the summer. Although, I keep my eyes peeled all year long for good toy deals.

So like couponing where we buy when it's on sale rather than when we need it, buy , toys and other items during off season when they are MUCH cheaper and start yourself a Christmas/birthday party "stockpile".

Not only will you pay less, but you will also be spreading your cost over the entire year versus the last month or two of the year. Use your Christmas budget money on those few *HOT* items that pop up at that time of year.

The other bonus to this shopping strategy is LESS STRESS!!! You've already got most of your shopping done before everyone else has even started THINKING about starting theirs! Now you have the energy to focus on those last minute deals and actually ENJOYING the season!!!

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